A Travel Bargain Strategy: Best Day of Week to Book Airfare

Travel deals on airfare can be found all week long. According to an expert source (Airline Reporting Corporation) that studies millions of airline ticket transactions, new trends are showing up.

Sunday is the cheapest day to purchase U.S. domestic airfare with Saturday being the second least expensive day.

Sometimes early in the week many airlines release sales. By Tuesday afternoon (the third least expensive day), many competing airlines have matched or maybe beat the lower price. These sales sometimes last through Thursday, but because they often have very limited availability, you should check airfares on Tuesday (early Wednesday at the latest), and be ready to book. 

Avoid Mondays and Fridays that tend to be the most expensive days.

Also, the average least expensive domestic airfare were purchased 57 days prior to traveling. For international flights, the lowest average rate is reported to be 171 days before leaving.

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  1. Great information for travelers. Nice bargain strategy.
    Thanks for sharing :) looking forward some more posts by you.

  2. Thanks for this helpful information. I had always heard Wednesday was the best day to purchase flights but now I will have to try this!

  3. Great blog I really love your writing style that you are using for your posts,it is important you also look through some of the Book Europe Flights. You may have some idea on what to and not to do. It is best you get up, get some research and get going for your vacation in Europe!

  4. wow i had no clue that tuesdays would be the best day to purchase airfare...i know booking flights for the wknd tend to be more costly but buying on tuesday...thank you for the tip...


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