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Hosts of Plan Your Escape® Travel TV Show
Travel TV hosts of Plan Your Escape® TV on the CW network - sharing travel experiences and giving great travel tips and unique bargain-finding strategies as well as the woman's and man's perspective of traveling

Pat and I are passionate about travel and love to inspire people to travel and see this beautiful world. We take you to wonderful places in the world with the unique perspective of telling our viewers how you can realistically realize and afford your travel dreams.

From the hundreds of travel tips and ways to save money we have learned traveling to 100 countries, we share secrets of traveling the world for less than the cost of living at home. We show how travel is easier, safer, and more affordable than you may believe.

Please visit our Plan Your Escape® TV website and watch the shows. We appreciate your comments and questions you would like us to answer to make your travel experiences even better.

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